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  • 18th
  • Jul

Poem for Fathers and Daughters by C.G. Hanzlicek

I’m scrambling an egg for my daughter.

“Why are you always whistling?” she asks.

“Because I’m happy.”

And it’s true,

though it stuns me to say it aloud;

There was a time when I wouldn’t

Have seen it as my future.

It’s partly a matter

Of who is there to eat the egg:

The self fallen out of love with itself


  • 14th
  • Jul


What and when events transpired prior to Linnea's disappearance.

rom her childhood Linnea Lomax was a bright happy girl who surrounded herself with family and friends. Though she sometimes fought with her brother and sister, and disagreed on occasion with her parents, she managed to make…

  • 13th
  • Jul

Open Letter to Linnea from Mom and Dad

Dear Linnea,

We love you beyond what words can express. We have cherished you from your first breath and our affection has only increased with each day. We never imagined loving anyone as much as we love you and your brother and sister. No matter what happens, our love for you will not falter. We…