Here is Marianne’s speech from the The Army of Angel’s “Heroes with Hearts Gala” held in Sacramento, CA last month.


“My name is Marianne Lomax and this is my husband Craig Lomax. Some of you know about the recent loss of our daughter Linnea. In fact, some of you hoped, helped or prayed for us in our search for her last summer. Thank You!


During Easter Break last year, Linnea and I spent the week together in the Palm Springs area relaxing by the pool and playing games with her grandmother and cousin. It was a fantastic week. We could have never imagined that our playful, happy and generous daughter, only two months later, would be delusionally paranoid and dangerously suicidal.


In mid-June we found that Linnea had stopped eating, sleeping and that she secretly wanted to kill herself. We interrupted her freshman finals week at UC Davis and managed to get her admitted, as an adult, to a psychiatric hospital. She was released after 10 days in a similar state of mind. The next day she walked out early from her all day outpatient therapy and hung herself less than ½ mile from where she left.


Unfortunately, it took us 10 weeks and a few thousand man-days to discover the tragic truth. We eventually accepted the generosity and expertise of the Klaas Kids Foundation, (supported in part by Army of Angels), who lead us in a more thorough search of the river area. On September 7th I begged God to bring Linnea to me, or take me to her. Later that morning I followed a smell and crawled through a dense thicket of brush to find her hanging from a tree.


A mental illness had taken my dynamic, intelligent, loving daughter, and it was probably preventable.”

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