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Currently mental health professionals are not required to receive training for assessing the risks of suicide in their patients.

We believe this is an oversight that can no longer be tolerated. If you know people who can help us bring about change in this matter or have personal experience that helps demonstrate this needed change please let us know.

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Run for Courage

Wanna use your Saturday morning to make a big difference in someone’s life? Join Linnea’s parents and the rest of our team as we run/walk to raise money to help end the terror of Human Trafficking. There are still a couple hours left to register online, but even if you miss that deadline, you…

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Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our daughter your own.

Our hearts overflow with gratitude as a result of your generous and loving support, and for all the help, prayers and wishes you gave toward returning Linnea to our arms last summer.

She is with the Lord and one day we will…

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Linnea Lomax

About Linnea

If I had to use one word to describe Linnea,” said Paris, who has known Linnea since they attended 8th grade together, “it would be shiny. I don’t mean just her hair or anything, but her whole personality just shines.” Paris Coyne
She was just a natural when she took an advanced first aid class,” Says her mother, Marianne. “She really liked it and began thinking about maybe changing her major to nursing or something in human development. She wants to help people.” Marianne Lomax